Kids spend 135 hours per year with food on the brain

If it seems like your teens are constantly either eating or looking for food, it may make you feel better to know you are not alone. In fact, food seems to be on teens' minds a lot.

A new survey of 2,000 families finds the average 13- to 19-year-old spends almost 135 hours per year thinking about food and what their next meal will be. That means that throughout the seven years of their teen life, those teens will spend 945 hours, or 39 days, thinking about food. As for eating it, teens usually snack about two or three times per day, with the most popular treats being chips, fruit, pizza and frozen snacks.

And it seems teens aren’t necessarily satisfied with whatever may be in the house. They have some real opinions about their food, with parents saying that 30% of the weekly grocery bill is taken up by by teens' preferences and eating behaviors.

Food is about more than just sustenance to teens these days. The survey finds that 72% of teens say food is something to enjoy and taste, with a quarter of teens saying they enjoy being experimental and adventurous in the kitchen and are also willing to try all different types of food.

And it turns out, parents are having a hard time keeping up with their foodie kids. Believe it or not, 52% of teens say the food they’re served by their parents doesn’t suit their taste or dietary lifestyle, while 48% don’t like the meals served at home about four times a month on average.

Source: Fox News

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