What's Causing You To Lose Your Hair

If you notice your brush has more hair in it than usual, your could have too much stress in your life. We normally lose 50 to 100 strands a day, which isn’t really noticeable. Any more than that and stress could be the culprit.

Hair has a life cycle: growth, transition, resting, and falling out. When stress happens it pushed the follicles out early.

If you’re “shedding” a lot in the shower or when brushing your hair, chances are you had a big stress issue three months earlier. The body goes into survival mode when trying times occur and all non-essential functions get neglected. You may notice thinning areas, but the good news is, it should grow back in around three to six month. If it happens, you’ll be in good company, since Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed she has a severe form of the condition called alopecia.

If shedding is excessive, there may be other culprits. New moms usually have hair loss from postpartum alopecia because of decreased estrogen. They get their flowing locks back in a year, though.

There are ways you can keep your hair strong, healthy and on it’s clock. Get plenty of sleep, reduce your stress, and make sure you get all the nutrients you need by eating a balanced diet. If you get concerned about the amount of hair falling out, talk to a dermatologist just to be safe.

Source: Huffington Post

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