Top 10 Things That Annoy Us the Most About Watching TV

A lot of us love to spend our downtime watching our favorite TV shows or sporting events, but there are definitely some things that may make that experience a little bit less than pleasurable.

A UK poll, which could easily translate here, reveals the things that bother people the most when watching TV, and the biggest annoyance is someone talking while you’re trying to watch. Having to sit through advertisements is another huge annoyance, followed by getting a phone call during your program.

And it seems watching TV with a significant other or friend can lead to problems in a relationship. The poll finds that 40% of people say their partner is usually to blame for one of these TV annoyances, while 41% of folks saying they’ve had an argument or falling out with someone because of an annoying TV habit.

Top Ten TV Annoyances

  1. People talking while you are trying to watch TV
  2. Advertisements
  3. Getting a phone call
  4. Someone spoiling the end of a show they've already seen
  5. People getting bored and asking to turn over
  6. People pausing it to do other things while you are watching it
  7. Buffering when using catch up/on demand TV
  8. Someone moaning about what you are watching
  9. People falling asleep
  10. People turning the volume up too high or down too low

Source: SWNS

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