Sucking Up to Your Boss Can Seriously Backfire

A new study proves what work colleagues have always known: kiss-ups are full of it.

Researchers at Oregon State University’s College of Business found that while kissing-up may bolster employees’ reputation with management, it can also lead to bad behavior, such as wasting time online, missing appointments or acting like a jerk to colleagues.

Scientists examined 75 professionals at a Chinese software company for their paper, which was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Researchers believe part of the reason is that brown-nosing — such as complimenting your boss or doing them favors — can be exhausting when you’re taking on additional work.

“There’s a personal cost to ingratiating yourself with your boss,” Anthony Klotz, associate professor of management at OSU’s College of Business, says in a press release.

“When your energy is depleted, it may nudge you into slack-off territory.”

Researchers suggest that those feeling depleted by their own ass-kissing might try taking a walk or leaning on a confidante.

“That’s typically better than allowing the depletion to manifest in other ways, like skipping a meeting being rude to a co-worker,” Klotz says.

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