The Hardest Social Media Apps To Take A Break From

As aggravating as social media can be, especially these days, staying away from it isn’t easy. No matter how much we say we’re going to take a break, something keeps drawing us back in, and a new report reveals some sites are harder than others to stay away from.

A new Harris Poll finds that off all the social media apps out there, Facebook is the hardest one for folks to give up. In fact, 49% of people admit they’ve had a hard time taking a break from Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. YouTube is the second hardest, although only 29% of people say they had a hard time quitting it, followed by Instagram (21%).

Hardest Social Media Apps to Take a Break From:

  • Facebook (49%)
  • YouTube (29%)
  • Instagram (21%)
  • Twitter (14%)
  • Snapchat (12%)
  • Pinterest (10%)
  • LinkedIn (5%)
  • Tinder (2%)

So just how bad is our addiction to these apps? Well, the poll finds that 31% of folks actually say they grew anxious when they didn’t check their social media regularly.

Source: Harris Poll

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