Ordering The Same Meal As Your Date Can Make Sparks Fly

When you go to dinner on a date, do you try to avoid ordering the same thing? You may want to rethink that strategy, because researchers at the University of Chicago found that people are more likely to feel closer to others who eat the same thing, and they trust them more, too.

In the study, scientists found that when participants ate similar foods, it helped them build trust in new relationships, when they don’t know much about each other and are forming first impressions. So this fits perfectly into dating. Like if you’re on a date with someone you don’t know well yet and you’re about to order the Pad Thai with shrimp and your date orders it first, you feel an instant connection.

This backs up previous research that shows we like people who are like us. A

survey from earlier this year finds that the happiest couples share some of the same interests, like camping or hitting the gym together. And it makes sense, because the more you have in common, the less you have to argue about.

So having similar taste in food doesn’t mean you’ll get along, but it’s a good sign. And if you’re date orders one of your go-to favorite dishes, it could be love at first bite - or at least lead to a second date.

Source: Elite Daily

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