16 Style Rules Every Man Should Know

Check out these 16 style rules from SchoolOfStyle.com:

  1. The bottom button of a three button jacket (or vest) is meant to be left unbuttoned.
  2. Leather of shoes and belt must ALWAYS match (and band of wristwatch if wearing one).
  3. Pants and trousers should fall just above the heel of your shoe. Jeans should fall at your heel when barefoot.
  4. Depending on the occasion, don’t open up more than 2 of your buttons if you’re not wearing a tie.
  5. Don’t let anyone see your undershirt. If you’re going to leave your collar open, wear a V-neck (that’s what they’re for).
  6. Beware of too tight T shirts. We know you want to show off the guns, but bunching under the armpits is not attractive.
  7. Dressing all in one color makes you look taller and slimmer.
  8. EVERY man needs a good watch.
  9. The sleeve of a dress shirt should extend between ¼ and ½ inch past the sleeve of a jacket.
  10. A tie should fall at the waist, not above or below.
  11. Square toed shoes are never, ever okay on any man.
  12. Be aware of proportions. Know when the lenses of your glasses are too big/small for your face or if a tie is too skinny for your chest dimensions.
  13. If your shirt is tucked in, you must wear a belt.
  14. Flip-flops are reserved for the beach and the pool only.
  15. Structured jackets and coats can create more bulk where you need it to make you look more fit. (Keep in mind that the seams of the shoulders actually rest on your natural shoulder)
  16. As a general rule of thumb, socks should match the color of your pants, not your shoes (or it creates a weird boot effect). Of course, if you want to wear statement socks, then by all means so long as they are tasteful.

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