What Your First Date Drink Says About You

For a lot of people, a first date usually means meeting for a drink, and you may want to think about what you order when you’re trying to impress that guy or girl you’ve been talking to online for weeks. It seems Dating Expert and Psychologist Amelie Guerard suggests that w   hat drink you order can say a lot about you, so you may want to be aware before you start sending signals to your date through your drink choice.

Here’s what your drink choice might say:

  • Beer – Suggests that you’re a chilled out and generally laid back person, and you don’t necessarily have a lot of high expectations for the date.
  • Wine – A somewhat sophisticated drink, which says you love to know people’s business, and that you have no problem telling it like it is. It also says you don’t love being alone, and that you love a compliment.
  • Rum-based drink - You’re a mysterious and captivating person, who loves to let your hair down and be the life and soul of the party. Plus you’re more likely to turn dates into an adventure.
  • Prosecco - It could mean that you’re shy, but also that you’re classy and not shallow.
  • Tequila-based drinks – This could suggest that you love life, that you take risks, accept challenges and that you’re not shy or nervous.
  • Vodka-based drinks – Vodka is a sign that you’re a bubbly or chatty person, that you love meeting new people, and that you love being the center of attention.

Source: New York Post

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