Most of Us Don't Take Lunch, But What We Doing?

We all know work days can get really busy, and it seems for plenty of people, their days are so crazy they don’t have time to take a real lunch break.

A new survey finds that 51% of American workers say they are unable to take a full lunch break. Because of this, 30% of workers say they wind up eating at their desk, with lack of time and a perception that there’s always too much work amongst the biggest reasons they eat at their desk. Shockingly, for 49% lunch is just a distraction from getting their work done.

And when workers do take breaks from the office, it usually isn't to eat. The survey finds that 75% of workers use their break to take a walk. Reasons for taking that walk include:

  • To get exercise (63%)
  • To walk to clear their head (57%)
  • Enjoy the weather (51%)
  • De-stress (43%)

And it’s pretty apparent that break is necessary. When folks work through lunch they wind up feeling tired (44%), stressed (31%), overwhelmed (24%), exhausted (26%) and anxious (20%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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