Relationship Report Card: How We Grade Their Partners

As much as we may love our partners, there are always some things that we would probably like to change, but it isn’t exactly easy to let them know what they need to improve on. But, what if you could grade your partner, like teachers do with students? Well, a new report has folks doing just that and it seems a lot of people are pretty critical about their significant others.

The study by EdenFantasys finds that most folks give their partners an overall grade of B-minus or about an 80%, which isn’t actually too bad, but in specific relationship areas, grades aren’t nearly as good. For example, when it comes to making an effort with friends, most people give their partners a C, while they get a C-plus for overall romance, patience, showing affection in public and listening skills and a C for spontaneity. And men and women don’t exactly see things eye to eye when it comes to grades. In fact, while man would give themselves a B-minus for romance, women are more likely to give them a C-plus.

And when it comes to sexy time, most people give their partners a B-minus for bedroom skills, with most people grading their overall sex life a B. The survey finds that most people will also give their partners a B for their kissing ability and their oral sex skills, while they would rate their partner's bedroom generosity and foreplay skills a B-minutes, and a C for dirty talk. Of course not everyone is so happy in the bedroom. In fact, 10% of women give their partner a D or lower when it comes to intercourse.

Source: SWNS Digital

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