What To Get Rid Of Now To Make Room For The Holidays

If your house feels like it’s filled to capacity already and you haven’t even bought the first gift off your holiday shopping list, you might want to start clearing the clutter now. Between all the decorations, piles of presents, and wrapping supplies, you’re going to need extra storage space this holiday season and getting rid of these things will provide that valuable real estate in your home.

  • Old decorations you haven't used in two years - If you haven’t hung the holiday decor in two Christmases or Hanukkahs, you can probably let it go. And go ahead and pitch all the broken ornaments, that artificial tree with branches that are barely hanging on, and stuff you know you’ll never use.
  • The holiday card collection - If you’re a sentimental type who holds on to every single holiday card you get, go through your stash to make room for this year’s influx. Keep the ones with heartfelt messages and special photos, toss the ones that are simply signed, otherwise you’ll be in this same boat next year.
  • Old bikes and outgrown toys - Donate toys your kids outgrew years ago that are still in good condition and get the kids involved to help you sort out what they no longer play with. And if they don’t want to let go, adopt a “one in, one out policy” so before they get a new toy for the holidays, they have to give one up from their collection. Suddenly those old toys won’t seem as appealing.
  • Those gifts you've never used - Take an inventory and part with unwanted gifts from holidays past, because how many waffle irons do you really need?
  • Old linens and bath towels - Time to get rid of the dingy towels and sheets you wouldn’t use, much less offer to house guests.
  • Duplicate (and triplicate) kitchen tools - Kitchens get cluttered so easily, maybe you don’t really need three cheese graters after all.
  • Winter clothing you’re not excited to wear - Think of this as speed closet decluttering. Just take out anything that you never want to wear or anything you haven’t worn in a year and save the big purge for spring.

Source: Real Simple

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