Things Everyone Notices On A First Date

Dating can be hard and first dates? Even worse. But that’s where it all starts, so it’s a necessary evil if you want to meet people. Making a good first impression on a first date is important, but what are singles noticing when they meet up for the date? According to “Men’s Health” digital fitness editor Brett Williams and “Cosmopolitan” deputy editor Rosa Heyman, these are the things everyone notices on a first date:

  • First impressions - People notice appearance and how their dates carry themselves, so what they’re wearing and if they’re smiling makes a difference.
  • The don’ts - No one likes it when they ask a lot about their date and the person doesn’t return any interest, or when their date is a jerk to the server, or when their date is on their phone a lot. And please, don’t bring up your exes on a first date.
  • The do’s - Ideally, you want to get to know each other without it feeling like a job interview and it should be quiet enough that you can actually hear the other person talk.
  • Who should pay - Some feel whoever asks the person out should offer to pay, and some feel splitting the bill on a first date is the way to go, especially if one person isn’t interested in the other.
  • When to connect after the date - Most agree that it’s weird of you went on a date and were vibing and then you don’t hear from them for three days, but people are split on when to text after the date. Some text to say “I had a really good time” if they’re really feeling it or send a polite “Did you make it home safe?” text, others wait until at least the next day even if it was a good date.
  • As for the first kiss - It’s 2018, most people are fine with kissing on a first date and some feel it’s a test of whether or not they want to go out again.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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