How To Fail At Your New Year’s Resolution

No matter what your New Year’s resolution is, now that we’re a week into 2019 this is the time to be proactive. Sure it’s still the beginning of January, but did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? Part of that is because we’re not always disciplined or dedicated to following through, but experts also warn these are common reasons our New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail.

  • Set too big of a goal - Setting and reaching goals triggers the brain to release dopamine and that helps motivate us to keep going, but choosing a goal that’s too big and hard to achieve can keep us from experiencing that pleasure response. So neuroscience expert Spencer Gerrol advises breaking your goal down into smaller, measurable chunks so you get that pleasure response along the way that helps the brain form a habit.
  • Forget to track progress - Actually seeing your improvement, even if it’s just tiny increments, will help you successfully reach your goal. Visually tracking the progress helps you reflect on how far you’ve come and creates pride, which also helps you avoid failing.
  • Set a vague goal - A successful resolution needs to be measurable, attainable and timely, so basically, you won’t get specific results without a specific goal.
  • Set an unsustainable goal - Dreaming big is great, but having a resolution that’s so huge you can’t see your progress despite all your efforts and sacrifices could weigh on eventually lead you to slip back into your old ways.
  • Take an "all or nothing" approach - Change is gradual and may come in baby steps, then bursts, and will probably include some setbacks, the important thing to remember is that it’s not a failure if you don’t achieve your goal fully and immediately. Change isn’t all or nothing and that kind of mindset could lead to disappointment.
  • Do it alone - We don’t always want those close to us to see that we struggle with something we want to change in our lives, so we may want to keep our resolutions private. But we need each other for support and having a cheerleader on your team to encourage you with your goal can help you move forward and that’s what it’s all about.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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