Fix Your Bedroom Feng Shui To Help Find Love

You’ve probably heard of feng shui - it’s the Chinese practice of arranging buildings, objects and spaces in relation to the flow of energy to bring harmony and balance. People may use it when moving into a new home, but it turns out, it can also be used to bring good romance karma to your life when you apply it to your bedroom.

According to energetic expert Heather Askinosie, we may be forfeiting love energy just by the way we set up our bedrooms. Here are a few of her feng shui love killers and how to fix them to shift the energy in your life and boost your chances of finding love.

  • If your bed is against the wall - Move it away! The energy expert says a bed against the wall that can only be entered from one side “symbolizes not making room for someone to enter your life.” Scooching it over so you can get in the bed from either side makes room for someone else to enter your space, energetically speaking.
  • If you’ve got a lot of art hanging up - Consider what the art is showing. If the pieces show a single person, that could translate into energy communicating that your bedroom is a spot for one person. Instead, Askinosie suggests “artwork should contain two people who symbolize a loving partnership.”
  • If there are mirrors in your room - You don’t want to have a mirror where it “creates a double image of your bed” because that represents a “third-party interference,” which could be anything from a family member who can’t butt out to a pushy friend who can’t keep her opinions to herself. If you can move the mirror so it’s not showing a double image of your bed, the expert advises covering it up to keep people from meddling in your love life.

Source: Well and Good

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