Everyday Tasks Nobody Does Anymore

It’s very easy to feel old when you think about all the simple tasks we did when we were younger that are simply obsolete now thanks to technology. Think about it, there are some things that are totally foreign to twenty-somethings because their tablets and smartphones made their lives easier, and those who had to do them probably don’t miss the all that much. 

Well, “USA Today” is reminiscing about some of those everyday tasks that nobody does any more, and it may just make you nostalgic for simpler times…or not. 

Everyday tasks nobody does anymore include:

  • Memorize a phone number
  • Use a phone book to find a company to do work around your house
  • Figure out math in your head
  • Tell time by hands on a clock
  • Make photo albums
  • Have a CD or record collection
  • Call a theater to get movie times
  • Record your favorite programs on tape
  • Watch shows when they are broadcast live
  • Run to the store for a last-minute gift
  • Looking up the spelling of words in the dictionary
  • Use a phone booth to make a call
  • Carry cash

Source: USA Today

Scotty Page

Scotty Page

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