Pot Smoking Parents Are Stricter Than Those Who Don't Toke

While most people will say that marijuana makes them more relaxed and chill, a new study suggests that’s not really the case when it comes to parents. In fact, having a few tokes may make mom and dad way stricter. 

A study of 3000 California parents, published in the “Journal of Social Work Practice in the Additions,” finds that pot-smoking parents are more likely to discipline their kids than those who don’t use drugs. In fact, they are more likely than non-smoking parents to use such discipline techniques as timeouts, taking away privileges and even spanking, although the difference is about .5%.

“That is not something we would have expected to see,” lead researcherDr. Bridget Freisthler, a professor in the College of Social Work at Ohio State University, shares. “They were more likely to use all forms of discipline more often.”

  • And it’s not just pot. The study finds that alcohol drinkers are also more likely than non drinkers to be helicopter parents and to punish their kids.
  • One thing the study did not determine? Which came first: smoking pot, or being a parent. “We don’t know sequencing in drug use in parenting,” Freisthler notes. “The question for us is what comes first and how are they related to each other — what can we do to help these people to maybe parent differently and help them cope?”

Source: New York Post

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