Most Of Us Want "Second Breakfast" To Be An Official Thing

While some people tend to skip breakfast each morning, regardless of it being the most important meal of the day, it seems there are plenty of people who eat not one, but two breakfasts, and think more people should consider it. 

A new survey finds the average American will enjoy a “Second Breakfast” at least once a week, with 62% of people thinking it should be recognized as an official meal. As for why people are eating a second breakfast, other than just being hungry, 70% says it’s because it leaves them feeling more energized.

And it sounds like there’s another reason why people are eating so much breakfast – they just love it. Breakfast foods were voted America’s most favorite “genre” of food, with 34% of people saying it’s their favorite, followed by lunch (24%) and dinner (19%). People love breakfast so much that 43% say they’ve eaten breakfast items for all three meals in one day, while 36% do it often.

But not everyone thinks it’s okay to eat breakfast whenever you want. In fact,  half of Americans feel they are being judged by people who believe it’s “not allowed” to eat breakfast after 10:25 am.

Source: SWNS Digital

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