Some Crazy Thanksgiving Horror Stories

While a lot of us may have this ideal image of a wonderful Thanksgiving feast with the family, the truth is plenty of folks have experienced some true horrors around the Thanksgiving table, and we’re not just talking about a dry turkey.

Buzzfeed asked their readers to share their stories of the worst Thanksgiving they ever had and folks didn’t hold back. 

Thanksgiving horror stories include:

  • "At Thanksgiving dinner years ago there was a huge family fight and my uncle angrily chopped the turkey in half and left carrying his half."
  • "My grandmother accidentally stabbed my great-grandmother in the arm at dinner. She was gushing blood but refused to go to the hospital and instead just wrapped an entire roll of paper towels around the wound… the family swears to this day that my grandmother did it on purpose."
  • "It was my aunt's turn to host Thanksgiving one year, and she decided to surprise us by making the entire meal vegan, saying she just thought she'd try something 'different.' We all ended up at Denny's."
  • "The day before Thanksgiving, my family all got food poisoning, and the seven of us spent Thanksgiving throwing up and sh*tting ourselves in a house with one bathroom."
  • "I was feeling queasy one Thanksgiving when I was about 5, so I only took one bite of my turkey leg. Well, my grandma didn't like that one bit. The next Thanksgiving everyone got a full, freshly cooked spread...and I got a turkey leg with one bite taken out of it from out of the freezer."
  • "I was in charge of making the pumpkin pie and must have switched the salt and sugar, because my cousins said it tasted saltier than the Atlantic Ocean. No one lets me bake for holidays anymore."
  • "My grandpa backed up the toilet and ended up flooding the bathroom. The smell was so bad we couldn't even finish Thanksgiving dinner at our house."
  • "My grandmother decided to cook a low-carb, low-fat, zero-sugar meal for Thanksgiving to be healthier...without telling anyone." 

Check out some more Thanksgiving horror stories here.

Source: Buzzfeed

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