Guess What? Cleanliness Leads To Happiness, And….

The thought of spending the day cleaning may sound like torture to a lot of people, but it turns out keeping a tidy home may actually make you feel happier. A new survey finds people who categorize themselves as “super clean” are twice as likely to say they are happy than those who describe themselves as “messy” (62% vs. 30%).

And it turns out those super clean are likely happier in most areas of their lives, including the bedroom. It seems, 70% of those super clean people say they are happy with their love life/relationship, while only 38% of messy folks say the same. What’s more, a super clean person has about 7-10% more sex per month than a messy person.

But that’s not all. While 76% of super clean people are happy with their family life, only 42% of messy people say the same, and 67% of super clean people are happy with their job or career, something only 38% of messy people can say. And apparently cleaning also relieves stress, with 41% of super clean people having low levels of stress, while only 22% of messy people say the same.

Source: SWNS Digital

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