Most of Us Don’t Remember The Last Time They Wore Pants

ales of pants have seen a 13% decline since the coronavirus started, and we’re pretty sure that news was a surprise to now one. 

According to a new poll:

  • Two in three Americans say they don’t remember the last time they wore real pants.
  • In fact, of Americans working from home, 80% say they spend most of their day either in pajamas or some sort of other comfy clothing.
  • For this reason, and many others, 70% of people say they’d rather work from home in the office.
  • Of course, some people may be taking advantage, with 44% saying that even while working from home they’ve been “late to work.”
  • 59% admit to taking a nap during the middle of the day.
  • And 57% say they’ve actually “worked from bed.”
  • Those who have worked from their bed say they spend close to four hours of their workday there.

But not everyone is slacking off, with 70% of people saying they are actually more productive working from home than the office.

Source: SWNS Digital