Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements Are A Thing Now

Remember a few months back when we all went into lockdown and everyone wondered what we were going to do with all that time on our hands? Some people predicted there would be a baby boom because couples would be doing a lot of Netflix and chillin and it turns out they were right. That baby boom is happening and the pregnancy announcements on social media prove it.

Parents-to-be are proudly letting the world know they have a baby on the way with quarantine pregnancy announcements. They’re making jokes about their corona-creations and posting them to Twitter and Instagram. These are a few of the clever ones we’ve seen:

  • A photo of a toddler sitting with bottles of hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes and a sign that reads “Mom & Dad thought they had all the protection they needed. Baby #2 2021.”
  • A couple wearing face masks and gloves holding a sign that reads “We use protection … sometimes. Baby spawning soon.”
  • A pic of a baby onesie with “My parents did not practice social distancing” along with an ultrasound photo and a “Baby due to arrive January 2021” sign.
  • A photo of a mom and dad posing with their young child who’s holding a sign that reads “They didn’t social distance too well. Baby #2 coming December”
  • A cute kid wearing a t-shirt with “My parents were confused on the whole social distancing thing”
  • A baby onesie that reads “Product of quarantine and chill coming Jan 2021 and a sign displaying “Well played quarantine, well played.”

Source: Kidspot

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