We Only Get 10 Perfect Nights Of Sleep A Month

It’s no secret that most Americans rarely get the recommended amount of sleep each night, but our bad sleeping habits are likely way worse than you could even imagine. In fact, a new poll says that the average American only gets 10 perfect nights of sleep a month, with 60% of people saying they frequently have trouble falling asleep.

Now while some people are just naturally bad sleepers, the truth is a lot of us are doing things before bed that’s hindering our ability to fall off to slumber. The most common mistake is watching TV right before bed, something 51% of people do. Other pre-bed time habits that could be ruining sleep include:

  • Using phone or laptop before bed (45%)
  • Drinking coffee (45%)
  • Eating late (45%)
  • Read/watch something scary (32%) 

Of course, even if you do fall asleep without a problem, that doesn’t mean you’ll stay asleep. While 26% of people say they simply stare at the ceiling when they can’t get back to sleep, others just give up and find things to do. Things people do when they can’t fall asleep include:

  • Watch TV/movie (43%)
  • Switch positions in bed (38%)
  • Read a book (36%)
  • Scroll social media (36%)
  • Read online articles (34%)
  • Get a drink of water (34%)
  • Play phone games (32%)
  • Play video games (31%)
  • Take a walk outside (28%)

Source: SWNS Digital