The Life Moments People Are Most Excited For

There are plenty of major life moments folks look forward to, but a new survey reveals which of these life moments are most important may depend on when generation you were born in. 

A survey of 2,000 adults in the U.S. split evenly from Gen Z to baby boomers finds some very interesting generational differences when it comes to which life moments people are most excited for.

  • Gen Z is the only generation that didn’t list “having a child” as the life moment they were most excited for.
  • Instead, there are three things Gen Z is most excited for:
    • Travel somewhere new (23.8%)
    • Buy a house (23.8%)
    • Earn a diploma, degree or certification (23.8%)
  • In fact, having children was tied for fifth place with reaching a health goal (22.%), and spending more time with friends is more important (23%).

As for the other generations, their top life moments include:

Millennials (Ages 24-39)

  • Have a child/children (36%)
  • Buy a house (31.6%)
  • Travel somewhere new (30%)
  • Reach a health goal (29.8%)
  • Get married (26.8%)

Generation X (Ages 40-55)

  • Have a child/children (42.6%)
  • Get married (37.2%)
  • Buy a house (34.2%)
  • Travel somewhere new (33.6%)
  • Watch my child(ren) graduate (32.8%)

Baby Boomers (Ages 56+)

  • Have a child/children (40.6%)
  • Get married (39.2%)
  • Watch my grandchildren grow up (38%)
  • Watch my child(ren) graduate (35.4%)
  • Retire (35.2%)

Source: SWNS Digital