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How You Boost Your Mood, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

2020 has been a tough year. Finding happiness right now can be difficult, but according to astrologists, you can give yourself some much-needed self-care -- even when you aren’t feeling particularly joyful -- by simply listening to your zodiac sign.

Here’s how to give yourself a boost of happiness -- based on your sign:

Aries: Tackle a new exercise or start training for an event. Mastering a skill, especially one that involves physical activity, is when this fire sign really thrives. Start training for a half marathon or start biking ... just keep moving and testing yourself.

Taurus: It’s the perfect time to focus on your home and make it a true sanctuary: You have an eye for color and style so tackle a home project or just organize your closet. Make your space how you imagine it in your head.

Gemini:You are the great debater. You need to have conversations with people who challenge and inspire you. It’s a great time to join a virtual book club or start your own with your closest friends.

Cancer: Your happiness is oftentimes directly tied with food. But eating the right things is important too. Give yourself a boost of happiness by focusing on foods that improve your health and well-being. Learn new recipes and get inspired.

Leo: Your happiness is tied to your extracurricular activities and hobbies. Boost your mood by starting something new and exciting that you’ve always wanted to try. Sunshine is important to your sign’s well-being, so if you can find a hobby that incorporates being outdoors, all the better!

Virgo: It’s hard to turn your mind off, so happiness only really comes in true relaxation. Do the things that really relax you and bring you to your zen place -- like gardening, cooking, reading or yoga.

Libra: Instead of turning to avoidance or chocolate when things get stressful, focus on exercise and self-improvement. Libras also thrive in conversation and social situations, so a group workout class over Zoom is the perfect happiness boost.

Scorpio: Getting frisky with your sweetie is a sure-fire happiness boost for this spiritual sign. Don’t skimp on the mood -- music, candles, a romantic dinner -- go all out!

Sagittarius: You’re a wanderer by nature, but travel isn’t really in the cards right now. Instead, try exploring your surroundings. Whether it’s your own backyard, a nearby hiking trail, or a walk around your city block … just getting out will make you smile.

Capricorn: This hard-working sign thrives when there is a project with a beginning and an end. Crafting, cooking and gardening are great hobbies that can spark joy because they are rewarding and with a purpose.

Aquarius: One of the most caring and empathetic signs -- you thrive when giving back to the community. Simply volunteering for a cause you believe in or helping a friend in need are simple ways to boost happiness. Consider walking shelter dogs or volunteering for meals on wheels.

Pisces: You’re happiest when being creative -- painting, singing, dancing, writing. If you work in the creative field, do something different than what you get paid for, though. A virtual wine and paint party with your friends or a car karaoke party at a drive-in theater could do the trick.

Source: Well & Good

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