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We're Struggling To Juggle Work/Life Balance Working From Home

While a lot of people love working from home because they don’t have to commute, and don’t have to wear pants, there are some downsides, especially when it comes to work/life balance. 

A new survey finds:

  • Close to 70% of people say they’ve’ bee struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance while working from home.
  • 65% say that during the coronavirus lockdown they found themselves working more hours than ever before.
  • 56% are more stressed about work than ever before.
  • 62% say that they feel pressure to work beyond what is required of them.

Being that folks are at home all the time it is harder to set boundaries between work hours and home hours.

  • 67% of people say that since they started working from home, their company expects them to be available at all hours.
  • Most people work past their normal hours at least three times a week, and for six hours every week.
  • The average person says the latest they’ve shut down from work is 7:17 pm.
  • 26% have actually worked past 10 pm, and some even later than 2 am.
  • 59% worry their jobs may be in jeopardy if they don’t work overtime.
  • And if that’s not bad enough, 63% say their company is discouraging them from taking time off. 

So, how are folks dealing with all this stress? The top ways include:

  • Watching TV (54%)
  • Meditation (42%)
  • Reading a book (41%)
  • Having sex (36%)
  • Jogging (32%)
  • Cooking (32%)
  • Taking a hot bath (29%)
  • Playing board games (29%)
  • Yoga (27%)
  • CBD products (26%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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