Most Of Us Are Dreading Winter, Especially This Year

The days are getting shorter, and the cold weather is creeping in, which means winter is almost here, and folks are not looking forward to it…especially this year.

A new poll finds:

  • 67% of Americans dread winter more than any other season.
  • Two in three adults believe this winter will be more challenging than usual.
  • 67% say of all seasons, winter feels like it lasts the longest.
  • Things folks hate most about the winter include:
    • The cold (25%)
    • Cold/flu season (22%)
    • Lack of daylight (20%)
    • Ice (17%)
    • Winter storms (17%)
    • Heat bills (16%)
    • Wind chill (15%)
    • Snow (13%)
    • Dry skin 13%
    • Defrosting the car (12%)
    • Lack of social life (6%)
    • Nothing to do (6%) 
  • Winter can be rather depressing for a lot of people, with 50% of respondents concerned about suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially since the pandemic will keep them inside more.
  • 47% expect they’ll be spending more time at home this winter, although not everyone is planning to stay in.
    • 51% plan to embrace the outdoors this winter.
    • 37% plan to take walks or hikes to get fresh air
    • 21% can’t wait to build a snowman.
    • 19% are looking forward to their first snowball fight.
    • 17% are excited to make snow angels. 

Source: SWNS Digital