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Most Of Us Say We Are Getting The Worst Sleep Of Their Lives This Year

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a bad year for a lot of things, and according to a new survey, that includes sleep. 

The survey on behalf of Hatch finds:

  • 51% of Americans say 2020 has been their worst year for sleep.
  • 42% of people don’t recall the last time they had a good night’s sleep.
  • Things folks are blaming their bad sleep on include:
    • Consumed too much news (34%)
    • Spend too much time with people in their household (22%)
    • Disappointment over canceled vacations (19%)
    • Spent too much time on Zoom (16%)
    • Burnout from constantly working at home (16%)
    • Consumed more alcohol than usual (15%) 

Of course, there are some things folks tried to help them sleep, although whether it was successful is another story.

  • 34% say they used music to try and help them wind down.
  • 20% took a crack at meditation
  • 14% actually tried counting sheep.

And with the holidays fast approaching, most people don’t expect their sleep habits to im24ove anytime soon.

  • In fact, 40% of people say they get their worst sleep over the holiday season.
  • Things most likely to disrupt sleep over the holidays include:
    • Coordinating and cooking holiday meals (28%)
    • Crowding in a full house of relatives of all ages (28%)
    • Pressure related to giving nice holiday gifts (27%)
    • Stressful questions related to their career/financial status (23%)
    • Stressful questions related to their relationship status (20%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

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