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These People Had The Easiest Time Adjusting To Quarantine

The coronavirus lockdowns weren’t easy for a lot of people, but a new survey suggests that one type of person may have had a better time adjusting to it than others.

The OnePoll survey finds:

  • Folks who are laid back, and tackle things more slowly, had an easier time adjusting to quarantine than others.
  • 38% of those slow pokes adapted more easily to life at home, and were more likely to see the bright side of what was going on.
  • That is compared to 25% of people who do things quickly.

The report also noted other characteristics of those who live a more laid-back lifestyle. It seems they are:

  • More likely to consider themselves introverts
  • More likely to take daily naps
  • Equally likely to enjoy cooking
  • Enjoy hobbies like knitting or sewing, as well as baking.

And while those who move more quickly may have had a harder time with quarantine, they do have several positive qualities, including:

  • More likely to be spontaneous, kind and curious
  • More likely to enjoy gardening and hiking/camping
  • More commonly identified as ambiverts
  • Equally likely to enjoy cooking
  • On the negative side, quick movers are less likely to feel they have enough time in their day for self-care and hobbies.

Source: SWNS Digital

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