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Majority Of Pet Owners Willing To Put Up With Pet’s Bad Habits

My Puppies Casey & Storm

(By the way, the pic above is my puppies, Casey and Storm!)

There’s no doubt folks with pets just love their furry family members. In fact, many love them so much they are willing to look past their bad behavior, and now a new report reveals just what pet parents are willing to put up with.

A new survey finds:

  • 70% of pet parents admit they find their fur baby’s bad habits so cute that they look the other way.
  • 71% are more forgiving of their pet’s bad habits than their significant other’s.
  • The average pet parent will put up with 15 bad habits a week.
  • The top pet bad habits they deal with include:
    • Eat something they shouldn't - 4 times a week
    • Knock something off the table/counter - 4 times a week
    • Pass a smelly fart - 4 times a week
    • Sit on my computer and delete my work - 3 times a week 

But while these are somewhat normal bad habits, some pet owners are forced to put up with some really strange behavior.

  • Some of the strangest bad habits include:
    • Barks at fake toy dogs
    • A cat who gets in the shower with me
    • Blocking the doggie door so that the other dog and cat can’t enter or exit
    • He put dry dog food inside of my husband's suitcase the night before he left for a trip
    • Chews my husband’s beard

Source: SWNS Digital

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