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We Are Concerned About How Going Back To Workplace Will Affect Our Pets

(Scotty Note: The pic above is Casey and Storm, my fur babies! Yes, I am a very proud dog dad!)

One positive thing about spending the past year at home is that Americans got to spend a lot of extra time with their pets, which likely made their furbabies happy. But what’s gonna happen when everyone starts heading back to the office? Well, that’s causing some worry for pet owners. 

A new survey finds:

  • One in three people got new pets during the pandemic.
  • Because of all the time they had together, 80% of people say they had more time to bond with their pets.
  • 63% of pet owners are now wondering about how their pets will fit into their workday once things go back to “normal.”
  • 57% say they’d be happy going back to the office if they could bring their pets with them.
  • As for why pet owners want to bring their animals to the office.
    • 38% say they’re worried their pet will experience separation anxiety.
    • 37% want the companionship of their pet at work.
    • 28% think their pets can help keep them calm during those stressful workdays.
    • 23% say they'll be more productive with their pet as a desk mate.

But many pet owners are having some real concerns about what’s going to happen with their animals if they can't bring them to the office.

  • 32% of owners have already sought advice from their veterinarian about how to make the transition easier for their pets.
  • 68% plan to higher a dogwalker, take their pets to daycare or even both once they return to the office.
  • And while this may seem drastic, 20% of pet owners are even considering rehoming their pets if they aren’t allowed to bring them to the office.

The good news is that some bosses aren’t exactly against pets at the office.

  • In fact, 50% of execs say that when employees return to the workplace they are going to allow pets in the office.
  • 59% are also going to allow more flexibility if employees want to stay remote for their pets. 

Source: Finanzen

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