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Lack Of Sleep Is Having A Negative Effect On Americans’ Lives

No matter what experts say, folks still aren’t getting enough sleep, and it’s having a major effect on their lives. 

A new Value Penguin survey finds:

  • 76% of Americans say lack of sleep over the past month has had an effect on their daily life.
    • 46% say it’s caused them to have difficulty finishing their work.
    • 44% have had problems concentrating.
    • 39% say it’s caused irritability with loved ones.
    • 33% say it’s made them feel anxious or sad.
    • 20% say it made them feel sick.
  • 19% of people say they have difficulty falling asleep seven days a week, while only 14% say they never have trouble.
  • As for what is keeping folks from getting a good night’s sleep, stress over money is the biggest issue (36%), followed by:
    • Stress about the pandemic (29%)
    • Stress about my family/relationships (28%)
    • Stress about my job (19%)
    • The temperature — it's either too hot or too cold (17%)
    • Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements (13%)
    • Too much noise (12%)
    • My kids (11%)
    • My pets (11%)
    • Too much light in my room (9%)
    • My significant other (9%)

And for many, things they do before bed are keeping them from getting the required shuteye they need.

  • For example, 42% of Americans drink caffeinated beverages past 3 pm.
  • 16% say they don’t stop caffeinated beverages until 8 pm or later.
  • 18% don't get any exercise in a typical week, and exercise can help folks fall asleep faster.

Many folks are so desperate for sleep that they’ll use some sort of sleep aid to help.

  • In fact, 63% say thy take something to help them sleep.
    • 23% take sleeping pills
    • 22% tak over the counter sleep aids, like melatonin
    • 12% use marijuana or CBD
    • 10% drink alcohol

Source: Value Penguin

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