Virtual Dating Body Language Tips From Former FBI Agent

Making a genuine connection on a virtual date can be challenging, but retired FBI agent Joe Navarro says there’s a lot we can figure out from someone’s body language. He explains that on a video call, people’s body language changes a lot compared to in-person interactions and he offers these tips for reading your date’s body language on your next Zoom date.

  • Making a good first impression - Navarro says to start things off on a positive note, show your hands throughout the video call. He explains that “humans have a primal necessity to see each other’s hands,” so include hand gestures when talking.
  • To show you’re interested - If you want to convey that you’re into them, mirror their body language, by sitting the same way they are and copying movements like nodding.
  • Signs your date likes you - According to Navarro, someone who’s interested will tilt their head toward you, because he says, “We only expose our necks to people we’re really comfortable with.” Another good sign is “preening,” which is trying to fix your appearance, like touching your hair and straightening your clothes.
  • Signs your date just isn’t that into you - Not all virtual dates will lead to sparks flying, but how can you tell through the screen? Signs to look for include if they furrow the spot between the eyebrows or if they pull away from the camera or move around a lot. Navarro points out that some people may have more tension in their lips or shift their jaw if they’re not interested.

Source: CNN