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Pet Owners Admit To Confiding In Their Animals

We all know that most people treat their pets like part of the family, but for some it’s much more than that. It seems there are plenty of people who consider their pet their closest confidant, confiding their deepest thoughts and feelings to their furbabies.

According to a new survey:

  • 80% of pet owners find their dogs to be better sounding boards than their closest friends.
  • 25% admit they tell their dogs their deepest darkest secrets.
  • So, what do pet owners actually talk to their animals about?
  • Topics include:
    • The weather (57%)
    • How much they love them (51%)
    • Feeling bad about leaving them alone (41%)
    • Things that have annoyed them (39%)
    • Their partner (29%
    • Their insecurities (22%)
    • Their irritating neighbor (20%)
    • Whether an outfit looks good (16%) 

And dogs aren’t just good listeners. Animals boost most pet owners moods, making them feel:

  • Happy (59%)
  • Loved (53%)
  • Relaxed (48%)

Dog owners love their pets so much, they even influence their relationships.

  • 79% of people say they could never be in a relationship with someone who didn't like their pet. 
  • More than half even admitted to kicking their partner out of bed to make room for their dog.

Source: SWNS Digital

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