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We Do Not Feel Refreshed After A Night’s Sleep

March is Sleep Awareness Month and it’s pretty apparent that a lot of folks just aren’t getting a good night’s sleep.

A new poll by Serta Simmons Bedding finds:

  • Only 41% off Americans would describe their sleep as “excellent.”
  • Only 30% say they feel refreshed waking up in the morning.
  • The average person says they usually fall asleep by 10, but those who describe their sleep as “excellent” are more likely to go to bed by 9:39 pm.
  • A fifth of those polled go to sleep later than 10.

And a lot of people are really particular when it comes to what they need to sleep.

  • 71% say they need their sleep environment to be a specific way for them to get their best sleep.
    • 31% need a silent room.
    • 72% need some light.
    • 66% need to have a comfy blanket nearby.
    • 61% must leave an hour between their last meal and bed.

And a nightly routine is also a must for many people.

  • In fact, most people need under 30 minutes to get though their nightly routine before going to bed.
  • Pre-bed routines include:
    • Brushing teeth (45%)
    • Skincare routine (41%)
    • Watching TV (38%)
    • Adjusting the room temperature (37%)
    • Playing/listening music (33%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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