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These Are The Gross Jobs Gen Z Would Rather Pay Someone Else To Do

Not everything we are forced to do in life is a pleasant experience. In fact, there are a lot of gross and dirty jobs that come with adulting, but it turns out a lot of younger folks just don’t want to deal. A new survey of Gen Z finds:

  • While there are some dirty jobs they are willing to do themselves, there are also plenty they’d rather avoid, and are willing to pay someone to do it for them.
  • The top dirty job they’d rather pay someone to do is maintaining a septic tank, although almost 13% have actually done it themselves.

Other dirty jobs Gen Z would rather pay to have done include:

  • Getting rid of dead animals they find (39%)
  • Clean out pest traps (31%)
  • Cleaning the gutters (34%)
  • Sweeping the chimney (15%)

And while people may love their animals, they apparently don’t love some of the chores that come with them.

  • Only 51% of people say they clean out their cat’s litter box.
  • And a third admit to not picking up their dog’s poop. 
  • As for why people won’t do these jobs themselves:
    • 46% say it’s lack of experience.
    • 34% let a family member do it for them.
    • 32% refuse because it’s just too gross.

But there are some dirty jobs Gen Z are willing to deal with.

  • 82.5% say they take out their own garbage.
  • 81.6% clean their toilet, although 25% of Gen Z admit to never cleaning their toilet.

Source: Study Finds

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