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How We REALLY Feel About Gossip

Let’s face it, while we all may know it’s wrong, sometimes it’s fun to gossip about other people. So, how many of us are really doing it?

Well, a new YouGov poll finds:

  • 20% of Americans admit they like to gossip.
  • That includes 5% who say they like it very much, and 15% who “somewhat” enjoy it.
  • Meanwhile, 35% of Americans insist they don’t like gossiping that much.
  • And 41% don’t like it at all.

But while they may not like it, that doesn’t mean they don’t do it.

  • In fact, the poll finds 51% of Americans say they have spread a piece of gossip.
  • Only 31% say they never have spread gossip. 

As for how people feel about the effect of gossip…

  • 46% of people insist it’s usually bad for society and another 23% say it’s “always” bad.
  • Only 3% say it’s “always” good, and another 3% say it’s “usually” good.

As for words people would use to describe gossip, they include:

  • Harmful (63%)
  • Mean-spirited (58%)
  • Sinful (28%)
  • Addictive (28%)
  • Entertaining (23%)
  • Fun (14%)
  • Harmless (10%)

Source: YouGov

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