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Many Of Us Can’t Go A Day Without Our Pet

(PS... the pic above is Casey and Storm in my camper. They always have to both go through the hallway side by side or out the door side by side. Crazy pups!)

Get this... a new survey finds:

  • 24% of pet owners say they can’t go a day without their pets.
  • 72% admit to feeling depressed without them.
  • 88% say having their pet by their side makes them feel complete.
  • If they have to be separated from their pets, the average person can only bear about a week without them.

And there’s good reason we all love our pets so much.

  • 84% of people say their pet has brought nothing but pure joy into their life.
  • 81% say their pets make them a better person.

And of course, pets are by people’s sides for some of the most important times in their lives.

  • The most common milestones owners and their pets go through together include:
    • Moving into a new home (40%)
    • Getting a new job (34%)
    • Getting into a relationship (34%)
    • Experiencing a breakup (25%)
    • Losing a job (23%)
    • Living on my own (23%)
    • Getting married (22%)
    • Having a baby (21%)
    • Getting engaged (19%)
    • Getting a promotion (18%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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