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The Most Popular Grandparent Nicknames

When we were kids, grandparents mostly just went by “Grandma” and “Grandpa,” but times have changed. Today’s grandparents are less interested in those traditional names and prefer to be called different things by their grandchildren. So what do these modern Grams and Gramps want to go by?

New research reveals the most popular grandparent nicknames in the U.S.

new survey of 15-hundred Americans across the country reveals:

  • The most popular nicknames for grandma and grandpa are “Nana” and “Poppy.”
  • “Nana” is the top choice in 12 states, with “Grammy,” “Granny” and “Gran” tied for second.
  • “Grandmother” may sound old school, but it’s still number one in several states, including Vermont and Hawaii.
  • “Abuela,” which is Spanish for grandmother, tops the list in four states: Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.
  • As for grandpas, “Papa” wins in 13 states, while “Pop-pop” is number one in seven states, including Minnesota, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.
  • “Granddad” is the top choice in several states, including Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina.
  • “Abuelo,” Spanish for grandfather, is the most popular nickname in California, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico.

Popular trendy nicknames for “grandmother”

  • Gigi
  • Nana
  • Mimi
  • Gran
  • Bibi
  • Momo

Popular trendy nicknames for “grandfather”

  • Poppy
  • Pops
  • Papi
  • G-Pa
  • Grandude
  • Papa

Source: Scary Mommy

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