Justin Timberlake Brings MLB to Nashville

Justin Timberlake becomes an investor Wednesday with Music City Baseball, the group gaining momentum in its effort to bring a  MLB team to Nashville.

The team's name will be the Nashville Stars and it's difficult to imagine a bigger star than Timberlake joining the mix.

As you know JT is a Memphis native and avid sports fan who became a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies.

"I am thrilled to be involved in the movement to bring Major League Baseball to the great state of Tennessee,” Timberlake said in a statement. “I believe in Music City Baseball’s vision of linking baseball and music in a unique way to unite and entertain people and I am excited to help generate awareness throughout the community as we share our vision for bringing MLB to Music City.”

Adding Timberlake as an investor, Dombrowski said, provides the group with great momentum going forward.

"For us this is huge," Dombrowski said. "I mean (Timberlake) is somebody that's world-known, huge in the area and the region and the state. He supports baseball and all of the other things that we stand for. Having someone like that involved speaks a lot for his interest in making this work and also gives us support in talking to other individuals of this ilk. It's extremely important to us."