Could You Agree That THIS Is The Best Part Of Your Day?

It’s no secret that Americans love food, and it turns out they love it so much that eating is something they are constantly looking forward to. 

A new poll finds:

  • 62% of Americans saying sitting down to a meal is the best part of their day.
  • 56% are particularly excited to eat dinner.
  • 63% say enjoying a meal gives them a necessary mental break from the day.
  • 55% say eating acts like a form of therapy.
  • What’s more, 68% of people say they look forward to their weekend meals as a “reward” for getting through a tough week.
  • 44% say they save their better quality meals for the weekend. 

Of course, there are certain foods some folks look forward to more than others.

  • Among the foods Americans look forward to the most:
    • Pizza (51%)
    • Burgers (38%)
    • Pasta (38%)
    • Barbeque (34%)
    • Asian foods (30%)
    • French fries (29%)
    • Fast food restaurant take out (26%)
    • Mac n cheese (24%)
    • Burritos (24%)
    • Nachos (24%)