In The Feels: A Pet Rescue Inspires A Women To Help Raise $4,500

Little Rock Marathon 2017

Little Rock Marathon 2017

Jenny Cavanagh of Weymouth, Massachusetts, ran a long, long way to raise money for a dog rescue charity called Rescue Inc.

Jenny ran 128 miles over 42 hours -- with many of those miles run on just six hours of sleep.

Her feet were sore and her right knee was acting up when she finally called it quits.

But, the effort was well worth it as she raised more than $4,500 for the charity group.

After the run, she said she actually felt “pretty good” -- and explained that she was inspired to help Rescue Inc. because her dog, Summer, is one of those dogs that the group helped save.

Jenny said she focused on the one thing she knew she could do to help the rescue -- and it motivated her to push herself physically and mentally.