Watch Joe Nichols As A Cartoon In His First-Ever, 'Quirky' Animated Video

Photo: David Abbott

Joe Nichols laughed that he didn’t have to diet to show off his chiseled abs in the new music video for his vibrant anthem, “Good Day For Living.”

That’s where animators stepped in.

The smash-hit song is one of the latest from Nichols, serving as the title track on his latest 13-track album. It adds to a stream of fan-favorites released by the Arkansas native throughout his decades-long country music career, including “Gimmie That Girl,” “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “Yeah,” “Sunny and 75” and others, blending traditional country elements with fresh, powerful vocals.

“Good Day For Living” was the last song Nichols ended up recording on his latest album (marking a new era in his career as the first on a new record label and 10th studio album of his career), and it ended up serving as the title track. The project also included “Home Run,” “I Wanna Be Your Tonight,” “Screened In,” and “I Got Friends That Do” (feat. Blake Shelton), among other highlights on its track list. Co-written by his former piano player, “Good Day For Living” struck Nichols as a “fun, upbeat song” that he knew immediately he wanted to record. The track was written by Dave Cohen, Bobby Hambrick and Neil Mason. He brought it to life with an animated music video that he premiered with iHeartRadio on Wednesday (March 29).

“I was really thrilled to hear, ‘I think we have an interesting video idea, and you don’t have to show up for any of it!’” Nichols said with a laugh as he spoke with iHeartRadio about the project. He remembered showing the animation to his wife for the first time, and “she laughed. She thought it was silly and great. …She saw the playfulness of it, and silliness of it.”

Nichols, who is gearing up for a year packed with live performances and digging into new music, loved that “Good Day For Living” is a unique spin on typical music video shoot, which often requires hair, makeup, lighting and other elements that weren’t needed for the animated project. The country hitmaker appreciated that this one “is something different. This is something unique and new… It’s a different way to engage fans.

“I think it’s really, really cool that they found a playful way to do it,” Nichols added, highlighting the humor in his facial expressions, his abs, and other standout animated features throughout the video. “I think they captured the ‘don’t take it too seriously’ part of the song. It’s a playful song, it’s a playful lyric, playful track that we shouldn’t be too serious with the video. …It’s just kind of a simple, funny little piece, and I think that’s great. I think that’s exactly what ‘Good Day For Living’ needed.

“It needed something quirky, something fun, something different, something unique, something that cuts through and engages with the fans, and just kind of shows off a little bit of the personality.”

Watch the new “Good Day For Living” music video here:

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