Kimberly Perry Reflects On 'Wild Seasons,' Growth In Her 'Bloom' Era

Photo: Claire Schaper

Kimberly Perry celebrated a “beyond EUPHORIC” moment as a new era blood on Friday (June 9), fittingly, marking the anniversary of the release date of The Band Perry’s original “If I Die Young.”

Now, Perry is unveiling the newest chapter of her music with her first-ever solo EP, Bloom. The five-track project includes her already-released “If I Die Young Pt. 2,” continuing the story more than a decade after country music listeners first heard the original song. Perry’s solo debut also includes “Burn The House Down” — her “personal FAVE” — “Cry At Your Funeral,” “Ghosts” and “Smoke ‘Em Too.”

Perry said on Friday morning that “it is beyond EUPHORIC to feel this Bloom era finally beginning. I can’t wait to experience this next season with you, sing about it with you, and relish the real human experiences I know we’re gonna share as we all make these songs ours. …Here’s to all the blossoms aligning and all things becoming beautiful in time.”

The Band Perry alum — part of the trio with brothers Reid Perry and Neil Perry — called the first five tracks of her solo era “the most personal songs I’ve ever written,” explaining that they “document a process I’ve gone thru over the past couple of years to create the time and space to let my true colors show.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been thru some wild seasons since we saw each other last,” Perry continued in an Instagram caption earlier this week. “There were a couple of profound moments I looked around at my life and it felt like everything I’d built so far as a woman and as an artist was in ashes. For a moment I felt buried but in time I realized - I wasn’t buried, I was planted.

“This Bloom project is the story of me creating the space in my life to grow, surfacing with a newfound love and respect for myself, and finally watching my life unfold in the most beautiful and colorful ways. I hope that these songs and the honesty in them can walk alongside you as you, too, are blossoming into yourself.”

Find the full Bloom EP on iHeartRadio here, and listen to a few of the tracks below.

“If I Die Young Pt. 2”

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