Why Ashley McBryde Decided 'It’s Time To Spill The Tea' On The Family

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Ashley McBryde decided “it’s time to spill the tea.”

The Grand Ole Opry member unleashed her 6-track EP, Meet the Family, on Wednesday morning (May 29). The collection serves as a way for McBryde to introduce listeners to several different versions of herself. Particularly, she points out each version of herself that appears on the album artwork of her latest full-length project, The Devil I Know.

“I can’t wait to tell you more about each version of myself and what makes me….me. The Meet The Family collection is out everywhere, and you’ll be hearing from each of these ladies over the next several weeks. Who are you most excited to meet?” McBryde wrote in a caption on Instagram on Wednesday morning. She posted a video walking viewers through each side of her personality. She started with “Blackout Betty,” whose “superpower is being entirely too good at drinking,” McBryde said in the video. “Blackout Betty” is also the title of one of 11 tracks to appear on The Devil I Know. The one wearing the leather jacket is “Joan of Arkansas,” McBryde said, explaining that she’s “frustrated with pretty much everything.” The one in the red shirt is known for her “kindness and compassion, but you can’t always let her steer the ship either because there’s a time for raising hell.” The “Golden Gal” is the one who “flattens my accents during interviews,” and McBryde is pictured in the middle of them all. And she’s “ready to spill the tea on all these girls.”

  1. Martha Divine
  2. Livin’ Next to Leroy
  3. Velvet Red
  4. Shut Up Sheila
  5. Andy (I Can’t Live Without You)
  6. The Devil I Know

McBryde teased her EP earlier this week. She posted a video on Instagram staging a group text with the rest of the family. The singer-songwriter suggested a “family reunion” on May 29. Golden Gal and Girl in Red were first to respond, followed by Joan of Arkansas and Blackout Betty, who opted to bring the drinks. McBryde said at that time “it’s about time for y’all to meet the family…I can’t wait to take you on this journey.”

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