#NutMobile Came Throught Today!

Needless to say... I love me some nuts!! Cashews, Almonds, Macadamias... sheesh! Get your mind outta the gutter!

Our friends over at Planters came to visit us in the Jason Aldean's iHeart Studio on Broadway. If you made your way down to see it, TAG US IN THE PICTURE and we'll repost!

The Planters people were super nice and even let us take a look inside the BIG OL NUT. There were seats for about 6 people to take a little joy ride in. We weren't able to because you know... covid. But I think it's going to be added to my bucket list. That and the wiener mobile!

Have you ever seen the NutMobile? If so, where? DM me on IG and tell me about your experience, I'd love to know! @heswayned.