How Much We Actually Text At Home… Rather Than Talk

It’s not a shock to hear that mobile devices are taking over our lives, and can possibly be to blame for folks talking less and less to each other. Well, it turns out, we are all so tech obsessed that we’re even using our smartphones to communicate with people in our own homes.

A new survey finds that 32% of people admit to sending a text message to someone within their home, while that number increases to 45% for anyone with children.

  • And that’s not the only way mobile devices have become an issue at home. The survey finds that a third of households admit they use their smartphones during meals, while 40% of parents say their kids ignore them at the table because of their devices.
  • Devices are also ruining our sleep, with 25% of adults admitting that at least one member of their household is up too late because of their tech, and 20% sharing that a member of their family just can’t seem to “switch off.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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