What You Should Be Eating For Better Sex

When you’re looking for a boost in the bedroom, it could be as close as your next meal. Turns out, the food you eat can help balance hormones and get more blood flowing to the pelvis - you just have to know what to nosh on. Here are some eats that can help spice up your sex life:

  • Oysters - They’ve got a lot of zinc, and if men are low in it, it can lead to impotence.
  • Salmon - It’s packed with omega-3s that help keep blood flowing like it should.
  • Steak - It’s high in iron, which helps our stress and energy levels. Other good sources of iron are nuts, eggs, broccoli, and cereal.
  • Asparagus - Folate is the key here, the B vitamin helps with circulation.
  • Water - Being hydrated keeps us from feeling as stressed and fatigued, so it helps rev the sex drive too.
  • Oranges - And tangerines are high in folate, and when we’re low in this vitamin, it can lead to low moods - which doesn’t help your game any.
  • Oats - You probably know they help lower cholesterol, which keeps arteries clog-free, and that helps keep blood flowing to the pelvis.
  • Walnuts - A great source of omega-3s and vitamin E, both are good for the heart, which keeps energy levels up and blood moving to all your parts.
  • Coffee - There are health benefits to this buzzy brew, but it can also recharge your energy after a romantic dinner, so you don’t too sleepy to enjoy the rest of your evening. Wink-wink.

Source: New York Post

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