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Most Workers Would Love To Never Have To Dress Up For Work Again

Most workers have ben working from home for months, and while there are definitely downsides to not going into the office, it seems a lot of folks are perfectly happy never having to dress up for work again.

A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 70% of workers dream of never having to wear a suit and tie at work again.
  • Only 28% of folks miss wearing actual office attire.
  • 36% of those polled say they wear their loungewear while working.
  • Close to 25% wear oversized T-shirts, while 34% wear sweatpants.
  • 24% do change out of loungewear though when they have to join a work video call.
  • 52% have even relaxed their look during video meetings. 

Another thing people working from home love - no shoes.

  • In fact, 86% say they love not having to wear shoes during work.
  • 10% wish they could wear their slippers to the office.
  • What’s more, 30% believe slippers should be acceptable footwear in the office. 

Unfortunately, being so comfy at work isn’t likely to last.

  • 53% hopes they could continue to dress casually once they return to the office.
  • And while 80% of workers say they work better in more comfortable clothing, 56% don’t think their job would be open to casual attire at the office. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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