What Kind Of Music Do You Prefer When On Hold?

Nobody ever wants to be put on hold when they’re waiting for customer support, but when they are forced to, the least a company can do is give them good music to listen to.

So, what type of on hold music would folks prefer to hear? Well, according to a new poll of 13 countries, folks perfer:

  • Classical (20%)
  • Country (18%)
  • Hip-Hop (16%)
  • 20th Century Rock/Pop (10%)
  • Jazz (8%)
  • 21st Century Rock/Pop (8%)
  • Buddhist chants (3%)
  • Folk/traditional (2%)
  • Salsa/merengue (1%)

But the truth is, a lot of people would rather nothing than some of these types of music. In fact, 15% of those polled said they’d rather have silence than any music at all, with 27% of Americans saying "listening to annoying music or repeated messages while on hold" is one of the top three most irritating aspects of customer service.

Source: Yahoo