Dating Green Flags That Are Good Signs In A Partner

We’re warned a lot about the “red flags” to be aware of in a potential partner, like they’re controlling, call their ex “crazy,” or don’t like you spending time with your friends and family. But you know what doesn’t get enough attention? Green flags. The things that a love interest does that show they are a good match and worthy of your time. Dating experts weigh in on the green flags we should be looking for in a partner.

  • They remember little, little things - If they know what your Chipotle order is and how you take your coffee, relationship expert Dr. Wendy Patrick says they could be a keeper.
  • You have similar ideas about religion and political issues - Knowing someone’s belief system is an important factor when deciding if you should be dating them, according to sexuality educator AshleyTownes.
  • They follow-up with you when they know you had something big happening - If you’ve told them about a work presentation or your niece’s baptism, they follow up to see how it went. This show’s they’re very interested and genuinely concerned, compassionate leadership expert Magalie René says.
  • They’re genuinely nice to other people - Do they hold the door open for strangers? Treat waiters and service people with respect? Pick something up for someone who dropped it? All green flags, according to relationship expert Jaida Pervis.
  • They prioritize self-care - This person actively takes care of their mental health by balancing time for themselves, time with you and time with other people in their lives, and clinical psychologist AnnieHsueh says that’s a good sign.
  • They have healthy boundaries - They know what they want, what they don’t and how to let you know specifically what they need. Hsueh explains, “They tell you what they need while reassuring you of their care for you.”

Source: Cosmopolitan